[gardening] Harvesting and drying Lavender

Harvested all my lavender last Friday:

Cutting lavender at home to dry

A little late, maybe. It shouldn't quite be flowering this much but I think it will be fine- the open flowers will add nice color to sachets I make.

Bundled up:

Cutting lavender at home to dry

Drying in the stairwell to the basement (I turned the light out after this picture- it's best to dry in the dark):

Lavender drying

Busy weekend. Tried to wrap up as much Tour de Fleece spinning as possible. Went to Hold'n Heaven to buy daylilies Saturday and spent 3 hours on Sunday planting everything (not sure why it took so long but a significant amount of time was spent weeding and struggling with a boulder- on which I broke my little half-sized shovel). Pictures tomorrow...

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