[knitting] Moonlight Sonata

I'm traveling to warmer climes in a couple weeks and decided that I simply must (MUST) have a linen shawl to bring with me. I tossed aside Freia Freya to start Moonlight Sonata:

Linen shawl

The yarn is a Finnish 100% linen. My sister's co-worker gave me a sack of linen yarn in various colors and there were several skeins of gray I pulled for this pattern. I would definitely like to use all the other colors for weaving... if I ever want to focus and try to get more comfortable with my loom.

I've never knit with 100% linen before. It's interesting trying to do k3tog with yarn that has zero elasticity. I've read that the fiber really softens up after an aggressive wash/block. I hope so. The pattern has a seriously wonky chart and I had a couple false starts. I can't really read my knitting to see what's going on yet. I have to keep repeating, "I will not hate this shawl, I will not hate this shawl" to myself. Which kind of makes me hate it more. I'll complete one pattern repeat and see if things start to flow better because right now, knitting on this thing is a constant struggle of self-doubt.


cristina said...

Don't you think that linen would behave better on crochet than knitting? Just an idea.

amy said...

Yeah- that's a good idea. I will persevere through this shawl (I finished one repeat last night and I do like it- it's just slow going) but now I will check out some patterns for crocheted table runners for the remaining linen yarn. A doily might be nice as well.