[gardening] Critters

Lots of creatures to keep me company while I do my gardening. This little guy is named Chipper:

Chipper, our new pest. I mean, pet.

There's one more whose name is Shredder. Chipper Shredder. I was leaving little mounds of birdseed for him, here and there. Apparently I was rather stingy with it- he found where the birdseed bag was in the garage, ripped a hole in the bottom and spilled it all. over. the. garage. floor. I swept up what I could salvage and put in into a covered plastic bin. The rest was unreachable under a couple shelving units. Now the chipmunks run into the garage whenever they hear the large bay doors open to grab as much of the remaining seeds as possible. Whatever. At least they're cleaning it up for me.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly:

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

White Admiral butterfly:

White Admiral Butterfly

An empty next I found on the ground, under a maple tree, after a particularly windy night. Didn't see any eggs anywhere:

Birds nest on the ground.

Not shown:

Snakes. Everywhere. Little ones, big ones. Just walking across the lawn, I'm bound to be startled by one slithering away underfoot.

Groundhogs. Everywhere. They're eating an overly-generous amount of perennials that I wish they wouldn't. Last night Dollar and I hung out on the front porch and there were three woodchucks out. One perched on a rock only 50 feet away, not bothered by our talking. Dollar likes all the animals. I wish the woodchucks would simply move away.

Fox. There's one hanging out kind of close to the house. Early this spring a fox grabbed a woodchuck down by the side door at the end of the house. Even though it was a bloodless death, it was kind of horrible to see happen so close. Last weekend, Dollar was mowing a lower lawn slope and wasn't aware that the fox was on an upper level watching him. But I could see from the house and scared the fox off.

Deer. I'm diligently spraying my hostas and daylilies. You're not getting them this year, you bastards.

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