[gardening] Vacation

I had a stay-at-home vacation last week and spent 90% of my time gardening. It was fabulous weather to work outside every single day- the only rainy day was yesterday.

The big goal was to plant the large flowerbed that was put in last fall. At the start of the week, it looked like this:

Operation New Flower Bed. Everything in there is a weed and needs to be ripped up. 😳😭

Those are all weeds that need to be pulled up. I spent the first day of vacation weeding all the flower beds; this area is now the largest flower bed of them all.

Here it is 98% weeded, with a few things added:

New flower bed 98% weeded. Going to use an old wash tub I found in the woods as a planter. And I put an old bed frame in the back to make a "flower bed". This whole plot is going to have indoor things outside.

That green thing in the foreground is an olde-tyme washtub that has been sitting at the edge of the woods forever. There was never any standing water in it, so I knew it drained and would make a nice planter. Dollar and I dragged it over. The bed frame in the back is something that we got from Dollar's mom- more on that later. And I put a whiskey barrel planter up on the tree stump.

I planted a billion plants and mulched:


Another angle:

Now to water everything.

The flower bed bed. Here you can see just the frame:


I measured the length and width of the inside mattress frame, went to Home Depot and had wood cut to fit. And I bought plain soil. Came home, put it all together:

12" boards cut and they fit the bed frame perfectly. Half full of soil. One more trip to the store for soil and flowers.

Needs more soil. And annuals.

The flower bed is planted. I'm calling this area Done. Dunny Done-zo McDunnerson.

And done. Done done done done done done done. Hopefully sun and rain will take care of this bed the rest of the summer because I have too many other things to do.

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