[knitting] The Great American Aran Afghan

Started laying out the afghan squares, trying to figure out placement for everything.

Cat photobomb

Santana, as always, has to get all up in my business.

Santana has already claimed the blanket.

TGIF. This weekend is the Green Mountain Fiber Festival at the Hotel Coolidge in downtown White River Junction, VT. I'm planning to go on Sunday to check out the vendors. Otherwise, I'll be work on a little doily and starting to sew these squares. And maybe start cleaning up the flower beds.


cristina said...

Are those squares made by hand? They turn out great, but seems to be a lot of work done there. How long did it take?

amy said...

Yes, they're all knit by hand. I had to go back and check when I made the first one - October 2012. I just made a square here and there. Each one prob takes 3 - 4 hours.