[knititng] Sock Madness 10

The first pattern for Sock Madness 10 dropped yesterday. We have until March 14 to finish the pair. Our finishing time will determine what team we're placed on for the actual competition. I don't think I'm a particularly slow knitter but I was placed on one of the slowest teams last year. Here's my progress from last night:

Let the madness begin

Well.... maybe I am a slow knitter.

I made it through 4 rounds (i.e. 4 pairs of socks) last year- and I'm actually juuuuuuuust finishing up the socks from Round 5. I basically stop knitting anything once the weather turns nice and I spend all my free time gardening. I'm not sure how many rounds of Sock Madness I'll make it through this year since the snow is pretty much gone and I already have hyacinths poking up in my front flower bed.

By the way, that thing on top of my cup of coffee is a stroopwafel, the (un)official food of Sock Madness. I found a box at Stella's in Lyme, NH. It's two thin waffle-y cookies with caramel on the inside. You warm it up above your steaming drink. It's crazy good. I realize now that the European knitters are, in fact, doping and are hopped up on caffeine and sugar. That's why they're always the fastest knitters.

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