[crafts] Seashell curio tray

I bought a couple bags of miscellaneous seashells from a thrift store and a craft store. I suddenly had 1,000 shells and started perusing Pinterest for craft ways to use them. I saw an old printer's drawer with shells glued in and hung like a work of art. The small spaces for movable type were a perfect fit to showcase different shells. I copied the idea with a curio tray:

Seashell curio tray. Made as a Christmas gift. Good thing I have enough shells left over to make one for me.

Given away for Christmas but thankfully I still have 975 shells leftover and plan on making another for me. The only time consuming part of the project is pawing through all the shells and placing them in compartments just so. Then hot glue-gunning everything down only takes 10 minutes. 

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