[misc] Murderface Monday

Vacation over :( It was so nice to have nearly two weeks off. Of course, the first week was a frantic blur of trying to finish up presents in time but the second week? Ahhh. So relaxing. I started a new knitting project just for me and did an epic marathon of Gilmore Girls (it's sad how homophobic and sexist the show is- and their problems are so inane and self-inflicted; I've started referring to the program as "Rich White Female Problems").

It was nice to spend all day cuddling with the cats. For the first few days, they'd circle me after breakfast, like "What are you still doing here? Are you staying? Yay!" After a week, they were like, "Go back to work already. You're permanently damaging my sleep cycle with your coffee-making and laundry-doing at all hours of the daytime!" Eventually, they started to turn on each other:

What did the five fingers say to the face?

I have so many crafty Christmas projects to share this week. 

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