[misc] Murderface Monday


Murderface is my buddy. He's sleeps with me every night, at my side or between Dollar and I, for all 8 hours. Every now and then he skips a night and sleeps downstairs but that's so rare. I love him so much for this. He's such a chill, sweet cat. I used to post pictures of him here all the time when we were living at the apartment- he was an only kitty and he went outside- there were lots of photo opportunities. Now there are two more cats and he doesn't get to go outside. Penny is usually at my side all the time, which is why there are so many pictures of her but Murderface is #1 cat in the house. He's never bad  (even when he's bad), he gets his meals first, he's not malicious like Santana nor skittish like Penny. He's just the best cat ever.

P.S. He's not sick or super old and frail. I just don't say these things about him enough. 

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