[knitting] Super bulky pillow covers

An embarrassingly long time ago (2008), I started an afghan using super bulky yarn. I got as far as one square:

Square for blanket

Yarn: Encore Mega

Needles: US 15

Pattern: A square from The Great American Afghan booklet.

I made the square, marveled at how big it was... and shoved it into a tub with balls and balls of the yarn and stopped thinking about it. I took it out over Christmas break and decided to finally do something about it. I didn't have enough of the yarn for an entire blanket but the square was a perfect fit for one of my two 26 in x 26 in Euro-sized pillows. I made another square in the same pattern and finished them as pillow covers:

Pillow covers

I made half-sized panels for the back and added buttons to make a closure- so that the cover can be removed and washed. Because cat barf. It will inevitably happen.

Button closure

I didn't make any kind of button holes- the yarn is so bulky that I just used the stitches as button holes.

Pillow covers

These two pillows took 16 balls of yarn. SIXTEEN. But, there is only 64 yards per ball and it takes approximately 30 minutes to knit an entire ball, so it's not too bad. Other than the billion (maybe I'm exaggerating) ends to weave in.

Nothing like knitting through 3.5 pounds of yarn to whittle away at the yarn stash!

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