[knitting] Spirit Bear

I was lucky enough to take a double-knitting class with Lucy Neatby a couple years ago. I made a couple small double-knit dishcloths and started a larger wall hanging. The pattern is simply a chart on Ravelry suitable for any many types of crafts: knitting, filet crochet, rug hooking, cross-stitch.

After a year-long hiatus, I finally finished it in time to give as a Christmas gift:


The nice thing about double knitting is that there's no wrong side. Each side is an inverse in color and picture of the other side. 

I like to think of it as a brown bear on one side and a polar bear on the other. I was pretty sad to see this one go- I absolutely loved the finished project. Thankfully, the pattern author has so many other charts she offers for free- Spirit Eagle, Spirit Caribou, Spirit Fox. I'm tempted to do a Spirit Beaver.

Most of the charts come in two formats- square and knitting. I accidentally knit the square chart, which is why my finished piece is rectangular. Be mindful to knit the "knitting" chart, which has the elongated stitch boxes.

I need to work out a different needle to use for double-knitting, though. I used Knit Picks Rainbow Options circular, which I like because they have such sharp tips. But the wooden tip on the US 5 size that I used was way too long and once the project started to grow, it was hell on my wrists. Next time, I will use a circular needle with a much shorter tip. 

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