[music] That 1 Guy

Went to Higher Ground in Burlington on Tuesday evening to see That 1 Guy:

That 1 Guy at Higher Ground last night. Awesome show! #buttmachine #that1guy

We first saw him open for Buckethead years ago. He plays an instrument of his own invention called The Magic Pipe. He plays with his hands, with a drumstick (held "backwards"), with a bow... with his feet. He plugged in a cowboy boot and played it. He plugged in a saw and playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The way he performs is totally surreal and mind-bending but the music is catchy, highly listenable, smart and funny. That 1 Guy is a performer that I will always want to go see live if he's within a 100 mile radius.

He's on tour now. You should definitely go see him if he's going to be within a 100 mile radius of you.

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