[crafts] Vermonster

I love Pinterest. I pin all kinds of inspirational ideas. I decided to try this one:

But for Vermont. I work with maps for a living so I was able to print a state outline with exact latitude and longitude coordinates for our house. But there's no need to be so precise- there are plenty of free state outline images online (print and use a copier to shrink or enlarge according to the size of the wood you're using) and you can guesstimate where you want the heart to go.

Let's just see the final result:


Looks like I used Cookie Monster fur, right? Well. It was the only color mohair yarn I had. I wanted a more filled-in look so a used a super-fuzzy yarn. The nice thing is that it is nice and touchable. When you see it, you kind of want to rub your hand on it, like you're petting an animal or something. Which is okay by me.

But the color is kind of a problem. The first thing you notice is that it's blue. And you wonder, "Why isn't it green? Vermont is the Green Mountain State. ... Srsly, why is it blue?" This was my thought as I was making it. This was Dollar's first comment when I showed it to him. Someday, when I acquire green mohair yarn, I'll cut this blue stuff out and re-string it with green.

Also, my nails aren't thin/small enough. The state border is okay, but there really should be more nails making up the heart.


The heart nails got filled quickly (especially since I was using a bulkier yarn) as I was stringing them.

The wooden board I bought at Joann's. It was unfinished, so I stained it a Maple color. I bought the nails at Home Depot. I already had the mohair yarn. That's really it for supplies. The board is a bit plain, so I'd like to wood burn some design or words into the lower right-side of the wood.

I like it, though. The mohair yarn makes it extra-weird. And weird things are always welcome in my house.

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