[cooking] Best Apple Pie

It's apple season- my favorite time of year. I picked up a bag of Cortland apples from Poverty Lane last week when I stopped by to get a growler of cider wine. 

Best Apple Pie

I have the King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion Cookbook. It has two recipes for apple pie: Favorite Apple Pie and Best Apple Pie. It can be a dilema wondering which to make, but I always go for Best Apple Pie. You can find this recipe online, but the one in the book is slightly different.

First of all, the crust in the book recipe calls for two sticks of butter. Which is awesome and alarming at the same time. Two. Sticks. Of buttah. Also, the recipe in the book has you use cornstarch rather than fancy-schmancy pie filling "enhancer". 

(Now I'm wondering if I read "two sticks of butter" wrong in the recipe...)

I told Dollar that the recipe called for rum, which made me giggle mischievously because it was only 11 am and cooking with any hard liquor before noon makes me feel naughty. Not that I'm standing there taking swigs from the bottle, it's just, like, a no-no in my mind. So he suggests that I use the Applejack we have instead. Good idea! And since I don't have any of the boiled cider that the recipe requires, I'll use a quarter cup of Applejack instead of just a tablespoon! 

(I'm going to stop worrying about all the butter in the crust. It came out very flaky and perfect.)

This was the first time I used this aluminum pie pan. I usually use a glass dish. This pan was 1000% better- it's deeper and cooked the crust better. I love how the edges pulled away from the pan. Also, this is the first time I've cooked a pie with none of the inside boiling up onto the surface of the crust. And it's nice and evenly flat- there isn't a big, gaping maw of cavernous space between the top crust and the filling when you cut into it. I want to by three more of these pans to have as back-up when this one kicks the bucket.

It was the best pie. RIP Apple Pie, it was nice knowing you.

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Natalie J said...

I just bought a ton of apples to make apple pie! Great minds think alike. :) Hehe.