[misc] No happy ending for anyone.

Dollar gave my car a $470 flat tire. I lent him my car on Friday to go to southern NH to pick up music equipment he was having fixed. At a gas station on the way home, he backed over a large spike, missing the rear tires but puncturing the left front. He got into a pretty heated argument the manager at the gas station about why a large, triangle shaped spike was lying around the gas pumps. But he went to change the tire.

My spare sits outside the rear gate of my car, covered. It has never seen the light of day since the car came off the assembly line, seven years ago. Apparently the cover wouldn't come off... and it had to be cut off. I like to think that if I was there, I would have been able to get it off with out having to whip out a knife and start slashing, but he assured me he couldn't pry it off and a big, burly, 300lb dude from the gas station couldn't get it off.

So, he comes home to tell me all this. I call my dealership and order a new cover. $135. Sigh, whatever.

I call the tire place and they tell me to get there the next morning at 7am. On a Saturday. Siiiiigh, fine. I get there at 7:10 and there's already 8 people waiting. And hour later, they tell me my car is next. Almost an hour later, they tell me:

1. The punctured tire can't be fixed.
2. My car requires that all the tires be the same.
3. The tires on my car have been discontinued.

I can either (a) replace all the snow tires, which the guy doesn't really recommend because my tires are practically new, or (b) call/hunt around different places that might have a straggler left of my tire. Not wanting to deal with it, I tell them to replace all the tires. I did have a warranty on them, which meant my new snow tires would come to $335.

So a $470 flat. And Dollar's music equipment? He brought it to practice and one of the things is still broken.


Shelby said...

dude. Suckage. Sounds like the weekend from hell...I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

So,hey listen. Mike's wanting a new car... think $ can help with that?

Sorry. I know, not so funny.