[knitting] Quincy

Here's a hat for me:

Quincy Hat

Pattern: Quincy, by Brooklyn Tweed (flickr picture from the designer here)

Yarn: Harrisville Designs Orchid, Madil Yarns Kid Seta (held together)

Needles: US 10 and 10.5

I like the hat, it's just a little awkward on. When I wear it, there's a lot going on on one side and the other side is a little bare. One side hangs down to cover an ear while the other side doesn't. I think it's one of those hats that only looks good from one side. Here you can see what the hat looks like from the other side.

The Orchid yarn and kid seta worked very well together (they were practically the same color) and the hat is very soft with a nice halo. I liked the knit-on i-cord that created a piping along the edges (it's a neat trick- one I had never done it before).

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Joansie said...

I didn't realize the one bare ear thing. I've knitted three to gauge and that doesn't happen with mine.

Love your hat and hope you'll be happy with it. I wear mine all the time.