[food] Mushroom and Quail Egg Pizza

For my half of the pizza, I prepared:

Pizza toppings

Left are brown beech mushrooms, top are slices of one large king oyster mushroom, right are the quail eggs.

I made a regular cheese pizza and baked it for 10 minutes while I sauteed the mushrooms in a little butter. Then I took the pizza out, added the shrooms and broke three eggs on top, then finished it for another 10 minutes.

The quail eggs are a little hard to break open. They have a high yolk-to-white ratio, which is nice if you like yolks (I do). And did you know that the speckles on the outside are like fingerprints? Eggs from the same hen will have the same speckle pattern, while eggs from another hen will have a different pattern.

Anyway, here it is:


It was tres nom.

I also made myself toasted english muffins with a couple over easy quail eggs on each half. I topped it with a little olive tapenade (it's black, it's salty, it's fine... I'm calling a poor man's caviar). That was tres noms as well.


Sara said...

Those little quail eggs look good. I've never tried them. Never knew about the spots on them - that is interesting.

I love olive tapenade - I put in on garlic bagel chips...

Where are you getting the quail eggs?

Anonymous said...

I see half the pizza is cheese... was that the safety net, just in case? Or is that $$ side?

amy said...

I got the quail eggs at H Mart in Burlington, MA.

The cheese side is Dollar's half. He only likes plain cheese or peppers & onions. I did make another pizza and made his half diced jalapenos & onions. He liked it. Spicy, but he liked it.

gayle said...

I was wondering what you were going to do with those cute little quail eggs. Pizza was a surprise, though.
The info about the spots is wonderful!