[knitting] Ravelympics 2010

I joined the Ravelympics group on Ravelry. I'm not on a team but I'm going to try to participate in as many events as I can possibly complete in 22 days...

- Aerial Unwind (Frog those poor unloved projects to reclaim that yarn.)

I have an unfinished pink sweater from years ago that's ugly, weird, mis-shapen. I want the yarn back.

- Bag Jump (Bags, totes, pouches)
- Cable Cross-Country (All things cables)
- Stash Compulsory Dance (Use of long-neglected stash purchased at least 1 year ago)

The Quinn Cabled bag, in my queue since I joined Ravelry, will count for all of these events. I plan on using gray Cascade Sierra that I've had in the stash for ages. I'm a little worried that this mostly-cotton yarn might not be right for a heavily cabled bag, but I would probably (hopefully) sew a fabric lining in. And then it would also count for the SnowCross event.

- Bobsled (All things pets)

A better sweater for Murderface.

- Flying Camel Spin (Just spinning... lots and lots of spinning)

Spin something from my fiber stash. Not sure what yet. First I'll need to finish some fiber I'm in the middle of and get it off my bobbins.

- Mittens Moguls (Mittens, gloves, anything that covers hands/wrists/arms)
- Nordic Colorwork Combined (Colorwork, intarsia, fair isle)
- Stash Compulsory Dance (Use of long-neglected stash purchased at least 1 year ago)

Wintergreen Mittens will count for all of these events. I have some grayish-white and evergreen Mountain Mohair from the Green Mountain Spinnery.

And if there's time...

- Hat Halfpipe (All things hats and heads)
- Single Skein Speed Skate (Projects of just one skein/hank)
- Scarf Super-G (Scarves, cowls, neckwarmers, smokerings, scarflettes…all things neck)
- WIPs-Dancing (WIPs/UFOs and only these; Projects not touched since Jan 12th)
- SnowCross (Projects that combine knitting, crochet, needle-felting, embroidery, sewing...; minimum of 2 crafts combined together)
- Junior Olympics (Kids, baby garments)


So... yeah. That looks like a lot but the number one rule of Ravelympics is you don't talk about Rav- Wait- that's for my other club. The one rule of Ravelympics is: "Challenge yourself." I may have taken it to the point of "Challenge yourself into a state of overwhelmed panic and just watch LOST instead." We'll see...

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gayle said...

Holy cow!
Challenge yourself is right...
Good luck. I'll be cheering from the sidelines.