[misc] My willful vehicular ignorance

My car didn't start this morning so I borrowed my mom's truck. I called Dollar to tell him about my drive...

AMY: Driving her truck is like driving a dump truck. I hate it.

DOLLAR: It's a nice truck.

AMY: Well... It does have a button for warming your butt. That was nice.


AMY: The only problem is that it couldn't turn right.

DOLLAR: The truck couldn't turn right?

AMY: It couldn't turn correctly.


AMY: Like, when I turn the wheel a lot, the truck gets all shaky...

DOLLAR: Is 4-wheel drive on?

AMY: Uuuhhh... There was a button that said "FOUR HI". And it was lit.

DOLLAR: That's the problem. Turn it off.

AMY: OH NO! I drove all the way to work with 4-wheel drive on! On the interstate and everything!

DOLLAR: It's okay. Just turn it off.

AMY: Why can't I turn corners in 4-wheel drive?

DOLLAR: Because all the wheels are engaged.

AMY: So?

DOLLAR: They're all turning at the same time.

AMY: So?


AMY: I don't understand the physics of what you just said.

DOLLAR: I'll show you on a Hot Wheels car sometime.

*Edited because I can't remember what he said.


Joansie said...

Too funny! I had a car once that everytime I made a right-hand turn the horn Or, how about my Subaru...I went 30,000 miles without an oil change because I thought they must cost about $100 and I didn't have $100 at the

gayle said...

I figure if the engine makes noise when I turn the key, and the gearshift makes it go forward or backward or not at all, then that's all I need to know.
On the other hand, my car engine exploded the day after Christmas...

Shelby said...

I love the "blah blah blah" part...*giggles*