[misc] MF's first trip to the vet

Murderface had his first vet appointment yesterday and I'm not sure if he's more traumatized or me. He got into the carrier fine and didn't seem to mind me closing the door. Then I brought him out to the car and he started howling. Howling like I've never heard him howl before, for the entire drive there and the entire drive back.

He got tested for feline leukemia and he's fine. He's got good eyes, he's a good weight, clean ears, no fleas, etc. The only bad thing is tartar on his teeth, so we might end up changing his food a bit. There's no way he'd let me brush his teeth at home and there's no way I'm having him put under anesthesia twice a year for professional cleaning. He got a couple shots and we need to go back in a month for more.

He did really well. Struggled the shots, of course, but didn't bite or scratch. The vet said he behaved really well and that he's a beautiful cat with a cute face (awww...).

I brought him home, he came out of the carrier, went to the litterbox, ate some supper and acted normal. He was purry and licked my face when I picked him up. Still... I felt like a torturer and apologized to him all night.


Sara said...

Sounds just like Killian - he is a howler when in the car - and loud. When I was moving to Tennessee from Florida - he howled the entire time from Tampa to Atlanta - 9 hours - and finally fell asleep from exhaustion I'm sure...

Glad Murderface is okay - and that he was happy last night.

gayle said...

Sounds like he's forgiven you. Though you might want to sleep with one eye open for a couple of nights... 8)