[knitting] Heaven Shawl

I joined a group on Ravelry called 10 Shawls in 2010. The minimum required yardage per shawl is 273 yds, and two of the shawls must be at least 546 yds. After doing the Lima Shawlette for my sister, I wanted one for me but a little larger...

Heaven Shawl

Pattern: 198 yds of Heaven

Yarn: Knit Picks Totem (discontinued), two balls

Needles: US 9

Notes: I did one extra repeat of Chart 1 before moving onto Chart 2. I ended with 8 yards leftover, for a total of 320 yds used. I used my new favorite bind off: k1, *k1, transfer 2 sts back to holding needle, and k2tog through back loops* across. You can do this bind off with normal tension and it's quite elastic and tidy (but it is a yarn gobbler).

I ordered a few balls of this yarn ages ago (2007?). I think it was a test yarn for Knit Picks and they never picked it up. It's three two-plies plied of 50% wool and 50% modal. It did have a tendency to unply as I worked with it. I tried making a hat with it that didn't go so well, but this shawl was just right. It has nice heft, drape and sheen (from the modal).

Heaven Shawl

This is a good little pattern. The edge doesn't roll, it works up quickly with worsted or heavy worsted yarn and by the time you start getting sick of doing all the purling across the back, you can move onto the edging which is all knit stitches across the wrong side.


Joansie said...

Amy, the shawl is gorgeous. I've "starred" it for future reference.

Shelby said...

beautiful. It looks like angel wings!

Sara said...

That is really pretty...and I love the shade of blue...you did a wonderful job on that.

gayle said...

Very very pretty. I'm glad you made one for yourself.
Your shawl group sounds like fun! What's next?