[misc] Non-knitting things

I haven't posted since last Saturday and I have nothing to show for it. Where's my knitting mojo?

Well in my defense, I've been busy with other things. Like, going to a matinee last Sunday. I went to see the new Coen brothers' movie Burn After Reading. It was interesting and funny- at parts. But on the whole, I'd say that the movie dragged.

I hosted a dinner party Tuesday night. It was planned for Wednesday but schedules got changed and- surprise! I found out Tuesday that they all wanted to do it Tuesday night. So I took a half-day off work to grocery shop and clean the house. I ended up serving an Asian-themed meal: appetizers of pa jun (Korean-style scallion pancakes), scallops, pork dumplings. For the main course, I served steamed rice with ginger sesame chicken, sauteed asparagus and snow peas. And there was wine and fine Belgian beers flowing. It was nice but I completely passed out Tuesday night from exhaustion and spent a good portion of Wednesday night doing dishes.

Other than that, I got a new video game: Viva Pinata - Trouble in Paradise. So yeah, more hours of my life funneled in this completely awesome and addicting game.

I've got some spun yarn to show off and I'm gearing up to knit a pair of mittens for me, a lace tam for my mom, finish another pair of birthday socks for Dollar and start thinking about handles and a lining for my cabled bag.

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Barbara said...

The meal sounds good should post pictures next time!