[games] Memoir '44

Dollar and I dusted off Memoir '44 and played a few games over the holiday weekend.

Memoir '44

In this scenario, I'm Russia (orange) and Dollar's Finland (grey). I didn't know that Finland was at war with Russia during this time period but if you'd like to know more history, read this.

Here is the board from my perspective:

Memoir '44

After some intense fighting, things weren't looking too good for the Finns...

Memoir '44

My favorite card is "Behind Enemy Lines". Basically, you can take a unit of infantry, move them further than normal, battle with more strength then normal, then move them again. I played this card and ran my infantry into some forest, tried to blow up two artillery weapons (I got one) and then tried running them off the board. They were out in unprotected terrain for ONE TURN and Dollar blew them all up. I had to rethink my leadership and command skillz after that.

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