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I finished Watchmen and it was fan-freaking-tastic. Stories within stories containing other stories and history.

"Watchmen's deconstruction of the conventional superhero archetype, combined with its innovative adaptation of cinematic techniques and heavy use of symbolism, multi-layered dialogue, and metafiction, has influenced both comics and film." -Wikipedia

I'm looking forward to the movie in March, I just hope it is still released; Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox are currently having a legal battle over rights.


Heros: Season 2- Dollar and I really liked it (almost as much as LOST, but not quite) even though it felt rushed. 24 episodes were planned but the WGA writer's strike forced the season to be cut down to 11 episodes. So yeah, there there was a lot of, "What virus? What does the virus do? I don't get the virus thing..." Season 2 reaffirms that Noah's THE MAN and Peter's a douche.

The Henry Rollins Show- I'm not sure when this aired on IFC (2006?) but it's awesome. It's Henry, plus insightful and interesting guests, plus Henry, plus musical performances from various artists, plus Henry. (love,love,love)

SNL: The Best of Christopher Walkin- Hilarious. OMG, I couldn't stop laughing at The Census Taker sketch.

SNL: The Best of Alec Baldwin- A little less hilarious. I like the Zinger vs. Burns sketch the best. And I should say that these "Best of" SNL DVDs are great because you get to see all the cast members from over the years.


I've been cooking the same three things over and over:

1) Chicken or beef, stir-fried with broccoli. Served with rice.
2) Pizza. Mostly just cheese, but sometimes topped with onions and peppers. Or, if I'm feeling wacky, I'll use bbq sauce instead of tomato sauce and top with cheese and cooked chicken.
3) Fish, pan fried. Served with buttered corn and some form of potatoes.

I'm in a rut.


I'm ripping the Rogue hooded pullover. There were issues with the hem that I don't want to get into because I might throw my chair across the room. Instead, I'll try the Judith hooded pullover and use the same yarn. I'm putting the (NINETEEN PAGE- WTF?) pattern for Rogue in timeout indefinitely.


Not so much. I've got an 8oz bag of Louet Northern Nights. That might be good, mindless spinning.


Events have been posted to the Carnage Con Website and Dollar and I are picking out what games we want to play this year. Is it just me or are the boardgame selections less than previous years? I might leave my comfort zone and try a Fantasy Miniature this year. Dollar has highlighted 8am games for Saturday and Sunday. There's no way, no way he's going to be awake and mentally functioning that early in the morning. And I don't want him to be "that guy" that signs up for a game and doesn't show.


Various: Solesides Greatest Bumps
Mark Ronson: Version
Classified: Boy-Cott-In The Industry


Going up to Vermont Sheep & Wool this Sunday with knitting peeps. I am so excited. I am going to stock up on fiber to spin all winter long. I know, I know, I said no more yarn but this is fiber. To spin. Into yar- Nevermind.

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