[knitting] Earflap Hat #2

Earflap Hat

Pattern: Earflap Hat from Knitting Daily (originally from Knit Scene)

Needles: US 8

Yarn: Zitron Nimbus (2 balls)

Love, love, love this hat. The yarn is a single-ply organic Merino and it has a slight halo. It is rub-against-your-face soft. Double-plus bonus: Lots of colors, no pooling!

I gifted this hat to a co-worker. He lives down the street from me and I see him walking his dogs all the time. So, I should be able to still see the hat all winter long as he walks by.


Sara said...

That was a really sweet thing to do. I like the hat - and am tempted to make it...I'll have to work on that...but, you're a good teacher.

Anonymous said...

If he's not wearing it, are you going to chase him down the street yelling "hey, where is my hat? I made you a hat!"

That would be a little funny. Or that might be the next breaking news: "man assulted over hat"

Anyhoo, starts considering taking medication, the hat came out great!