[knitting] Ardelle

I knit a hat with my bulky 3-ply handspun:


Pattern: Ardelle

Needle: US 9

I have never knit a hat like this before. The construction starts with knitting a long cabled band (like you're knitting a very large bookmark). You then sew the end to the beginning to make a loop. Along one edge, you pick up stitches to knit up the crown. Other hats with similar construction: Coronet, Tweedy Cabled Cap.

I love the way these hats look but when it comes to grafting cables together, there seems to be no easy way to do it. A straight kitchener works for knit stitches, but what happens when your motif has knits and purls?

Help around Ravlery directed me to Lucy Neatby's Sock Toe Chimney. Following this idea for the band of the hat, I knit several rows of stockinette with waste yarn, began the hat pattern with my handspun yarn, and ended with several rows of stockinette with waste yarn. I then pinched the waste yarn together and sewed the ends of the band together, following where the waste yarn went in and out of the knits and purls.

The join looks 90% okay. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it. I think with more practice, this might be a great way to join cable motifs.

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