[misc] In which we end with the topic: Spanking your cat- Punishment or Pleasing?


I finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy (author of No Country for Old Men). It was good. Not really an "uplifting" novel... well, sort of uplifting. A man and and his son are traveling south in a post-apocalyptic world. The story is told from the Man's point of view and the terrible, dangerous world is slowly revealed throughout the course of the book. The uplifting part is the Man's love for the Boy even though the world is shit and it would be easier just to lay down and die. This a highly readable book- I completed it in four sittings.

Soon to be released as a major motion picture starring Viggo Mortensen.


Buckethead. Dollar and I are heading up to Higher Ground this Friday to see Buckethead. I'm not super familiar with his music but Dollar's a fan. And come on, a guitar phenom (arguably one of the best guitarists in the world) who wears a mask and bucket on his head. The show is going to rawk!

Buckethead music. I think the show is going to be incredible.


I tried alpaca for the first time this weekend and it didn't go well. I tried drafting like a normally do- straight from the top with all the fibers parallel. Yeah, that ended with the alpaca flying out of my hands. I need to try spinning from the fold.


Oh yeah. I got my mojo back.


I've decided to cook whatever I feel like- I shouldn't pander to Dollar's narrow taste palette. Sure he doesn't like the soba noodles (even though he claims Yaki Soba was one of his favorite foods while he was in Japan) but I've got 5 packages (like, 50 servings) of soba noodles in the cupboard. He better start liking them or starve!


Inside the Actor's Stideo: Dave Chappelle. This was great. I personally like James Lipton and this program. This was a great interview.

Inside the Actor's Studio: Johnny Depp. Surprisingly, not that interesting. I didn't finish it. The gist of it seemed to be that Johnny Depp is good looking and likes to play characters that are outsiders. I didn't feel like he gave much or revealed much in the interview.

Dexter: Season 2. We just started it last night. Don't tell me what happens! I love Doakes. And every time I see James Remar, I have to shout "Re-mar!" because he's the man, yo.

Hulu is my new favorite thing on the internet. Who needs TV? Sure, I have to wait to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report until the next day but I would even if I TiVo'd it- I don't stay up that late in the first place. I've been watching 30 Rock, Heroes, Fringe is on there, movies, SNL, the presidential debates. I watch it all on my iMac in my craft room.


Have you see the cat spanking videos over at Cute Overload? Here's another one. I tried this rapid side-spanking on Murderface yesterday and you know what? ... He liked it! But before we all run out and slap our cats around, I just want to say: be kind. I didn't do much because I'm worried about internal bleeding and bruising. Not that I'm hitting him hard enough to cause internal bleeding, I just worry. ... Please don't call the humane society on me.

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