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Seriously, I'm f-f-freezing. It was 47 degrees during the drive to work this morning and it's still August. I've kind of gotten used to it being 30 degrees warmer, what with it still being summer and all but it looks like we're going right into Fall. I don't mind. Hibernating/lounging in a warm house when it's it dreary and cold outside is one of my favorite things to do. Dollar and I have re-arranged the bedroom to add a futon, tv, laptop, books, movies and Xbox. So we pretty much never have to leave except for food (which we do occasionally bring back upstairs) and to use the bathroom. I burrow into the bed to knit and he sits on the futon, playing video games.

And I've decided that Dollar's my little dish faerie. Of course, he gets wildly offended when I call him that, but he only seems to do the dishes when (a) I'm not home, or (b) I'm sleeping. So I either come home and see the dishes magically done, or I get up in the morning and see the dishes magically done. Last night he got into bed and we both went to sleep. Or so I thought. I passed out and, since he couldn't sleep, he went downstairs and did the dishes. Weird, I know, right? But this was only after we had the following conversation:

AMY: [making supper] Thank you for doing the dishes today. I appreciate it.

DOLLAR: Yeah... My only request is that you don't tell me the same DAY you want me to do them. [Referring to the fact that before AMY left for work in the morning, she asked him to do them since he had the day off]

AMY: What?

DOLLAR: You know, give me more notice.

AMY: All right, how about this: Whenever you SEE dishes in the sink, DO THEM. Now I never have to ask you again.

DOLLAR: ... O-kay.

Score: AMY 1 / DOLLAR 0

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