[knitting] To use, abuse and love

The washrags got a stern washing and drying with the rest of my regular laundry.

They look fine and I've been using them around the kitchen for everything from:

1) drying my hands after washing them

2) mopping up water splatter around the sink/drainer (would have used paper towels here before)

3) holding a hot bowl when eating in the living room in front of the tv

4) wiping my mouth

My urge to get these rags dirty has made me want to use them more than any of my other tea towels. I like having things I knit that I can machine wash/dry and USE.

I've made 1.5 more what watching Entourage:

I'm not sure I dig the variagated ones. The pink one has color pooling and the blue one matches the solid color too much. I envision more ugly color combinations in the future.

A bundle of three of these would make a nice Christmas gift for someone. Maybe with a bar of soap for the bathroom or a pump-tube of anti-bacterial hand soap for the kitchen.


Shelby said...

The varigated one with the blue bricks is kind of psychedelic, the optical illusion of the bricks popping out WAY more than they really do. Kinda neat!

Waiting to get the digital camera back from my dad so that I can take a picture of my dishrag that I'm working on...I picked up some sunny yellow for the "mortar" and I'm using white for the "bricks".

Sarah said...

I love all of your color selections, it makes me want to do the pattern myself, I guess I have no excuses now. So to the buying of more yarn, I love cotton.