[knitting] More. More More MORE!

I was good for half of a year.

I didn't buy any yarn. Then I was said, "Oh... What about the colorful cotton Sugar 'n Cream? It's so cheap!" So I bought a couple balls. Then I bought a few more. Next thing you know I'm ordering 2 pound cones of tweed, 10 balls of Noro Kureyon, a Sac o' Yarn sampler of Knit Picks fall yarns, cones of cotton for a bathmat and more. I have all kinds of grand schemes for these things but right now they're just piling up. I love looking at them and I am going to do something with it all, but it's piling up. I've-

I've got a problem.

Meh, whatever. Here's my Sac o' Fall Yarn from Knit Picks:

And all spread out (I got two of most of these):

(Left to Right) Quarry in Ubatuba, Shamrock in Reilly, Shamrock in Doyle, Gloss in Cocoa, Essential Tweed in Plum, and Bare - Superwash/Nylon/Donegal Fingering Weight.

I also started knitting a hat with Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand Dye in Storm:

I wasn't really feeling the way it was knitting up. Then I started decreasing for the crown and the color started to pool in the most unsightly way. I ripped the whole thing (no big deal- it was only a couple hours of work) and still have as yet to decide what to make with the yarn.

I was able to knit and (slightly) hand-felt a cloche with the Quarry yarn. I was afraid I wasn't going to have enough yarn but there was plenty to spare. While wet, I shaped it over some stacked bowls. I've got to get a band or ribbon to put along the brim and then I'll take pictures.

I'm on a hat kick. I've got this pumpkin hat on the needles right now (check out all the fruit and veggie hats here- so many ideas!) and I want to make a simple hemmed-brim hat with two balls of Mille Colori (mine is either in 'rubens' or 'braque'). Then a rabbit ear hat with white and pink Rowan Baby Soft. And... I'm afraid I've got to do Dollar's Star Wars Amy Sucks And Is A Lazy Procrastinator And He Thinks I Don't Really Love Him Because I Haven't Made It Yet Hat. Maybe for his birthday in November. Poor thing. Every time I make a hat for myself and show him, I can tell he's crying a little on the inside.

Starsky is still stagnating in the craft room. Come ON. I know I can frigging finish it. It's on size 10 needles! I even wound two skeins of EcoWool into balls for the sleeves/fronts. Guh! I want to quit my job and stay home all day to knit! Seriously though- How can I make that happen? The trade off would be for Dollar to make enough dough for me to not have to work. But if he was working that hard, I'd never see him. Hmm... Well, I suppose I'd just console myself with yarn.

The French Market Bag is over-dyed, felted and the 'handle situation" has been taken care of. Kind of. More on that in a bit...

And also on the to-do list is this scarf with this yarn and these beads:

Yarn and beads are almost exact colors in real life. Weird bit of yellow color in there is from a rubberband around the yarn.

My secret pal gave me this yarn ages ago but I haven't done anything with it. While in Portland, I popped into a bead shop and got three strands of pale pinks beads for no particular reason. When I got home, I saw the beads and yarn next to each other and thought- Yes! THIS is what the yarn was waiting for! I need to do some math to figure out how long the scarf is going to be and where/how often to place the beads randomly. I want to make sure I don't run out of beads before I finish the scarf. The scarf is beautifully knit up in blue here.

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Nicole said...

I was on a much shorter yarn diet recently, then fucking Webs had another sale and I went a little crazy. Bought yarn for three tops. I am already stashed out, who knows when I will knit it all.

I am glad the right inspiration came for the yarn. I think that scarf will look great with beads.