[knitting] Misc. projects

Here's the knitted, slightly hand-felted cloche:

KnitPicks Quarry in Ubatuba

I went and picked out a velvet band and antique-looking button at the local craft store:

I have sewn the band and button on but I'm not really happy with the way it looked. I didn't want to invest too much time or thread (in case I want to change the band at a later date) and it ended up looking kind of puckered.

# # #

The pumpkin hat is also done:

Unknown orange from my stash, plus a smidge of Lamb's Pride worsted in Kiwi

I knit a leaf and corkscrew curl to add to the top. Everything is still damp from blocking, so I haven't been able to put it all together. I'm also a little miffed at how much looser it is after blocking. Like, if I bend over to tie my shoes, it'll fall off. And it may be that it's too long. You know what? If I cut two holes in it, I'd look like Houston from Fat Albert.

# # #

I've been picking up Starsky on and off. I'm nearly done with the back but I can only seem to knit one row before I'm pulled away to do something else or I change my mind and feel like doing something else. Is the sweater cursed?

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I've joined Stocking Along. My goal is to knit 2 stockings: one for me and one for Dollar. I was going to say I want to knit two stockings, a tree skirt, garland and ornaments, but let me be realistic: Two stockings and anything else is just icing on the cake.

# # #

I'm about half-way done with Dollar's second green sock. Here's the first (which I finished back in MAY):

Hello. My heel flap is too short. How embarrassing.

I've had to replicate a major mistake in order to make them match. The heel flap is only half as long as it should be but Dollar has tried on the sock many times and it's a perfect fit. So I'm not changing anything for the second sock. But the next pair (ETA: 2017) will have the full amount of heel-flappy-ness.

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Shelby said...

the pumpkin hat is adorable. I want to make a couple baby-sized ones for Halloween for my niece and my friend's new baby.