[work] Conversations at work

CUSTODIAN: Excuse me, would you like your office vacuumed?

AMY: No thank you, I'm all set.

CUSTODIAN: [Notices AMY's desktop wallpaper] Look at that! What a nice picture!

AMY: Isn't it cute? It's so cuuuuuuuute. It's a widdle cutie cute cute CUTE.

CUSTODIAN: Yeah. It would make a nice stew.

AMY: ...


AMY: Yes, I suppose it would.

CUSTODIAN: [leaves]


scully said...

The link to the desktop wallpaper image comes up as a 403-Forbidden for me, so I'll have to imagine what the cute thing that would make a good stew is.

Shelby said...

Oh, scully, you're missing totally IS cute! I'd let it get quite a bit bigger before I tried to make a stew out of it, though...and by then I wouldn't feel bad because it wouldn't be quite as cute.

Or so I would tell myself.

amy said...

I think I fixed the picture.

scully said...

cutest stew evah