[amy] Weekend of What I Wanna Do

I took Friday off to make it a 4-day holiday weekend and let me tell you- I didn't do any chores. I just slept and read and knit and played video games. I made a half-hearted attempt to vacuum, but only ended up doing the downstairs before I sighed, "Oh fuck this" and went back upstairs to play mah jong on the internet.

Friday I slept in (while Dollar went to work, ha ha), then got up and finished his second green sock. I went to Borders and got the new Vogue Knitting, Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns and a Mexican Cookbook. And then I went grocery shopping. You know, for some reason I thought food shopping on a Friday evening would be easy but I never know when the right time is to shop. The things on sale are ALWAYS gone by the time I get there, whatever day I go. The iced tea Dollar loves? Gone. The cupcakes? Gone. The chicken on crazy-sale? Gone. WTF? While waiting in the check-out line, I was chatting with a lady behind me and she chalked it up to it being a Holiday weekend but still. If Dollar wasn't such a brand whore ("The cupcakes HAVE to be Hostess") or allergic to weird things ("Diet drinks give me headaches- I think it's the fake sugar"), my shopping experience would be a whole lot easier.

Saturday I went to the Quechee Crafts Fair expressly looking for yarn. There was none but there were LOTS and LOTS of blankets, sweaters and things knit with acrylic yarn and (most prevalently) Lion Brand Homespun. I got a new sugar pot, some buttons and a couple pot holders. That evening I went to a cocktail party but was so tired that I went home to take a nap. I planned on returning but fell deep, deep, DEEPLY asleep.

Sunday I went to the Norwich crafts fair, looking for yarn. There was none but I talked to a nice lady who dyes fabric and fiber using natural dyes. She had a couple books with her on the subject. At home, I tried a couple stitches from Mary Thomas's book and decided on one for a scarf. I started the scarf on Sunday night-

-and finished it Monday morning. It was a quick knit. Other than that, I made some chili. MMMmmm. And then Dollar and I played far too many hours of Halo. Nothing builds a stronger relationship than screaming, "You stole my kill!" at your partner.

This Saturday is the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. I think my sister's coming with me. I've got some things I need to put in order (finish) before the big day. I need to find some info on blocking lace...

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