[knitting] Various -Alongs and Misc Links

I've joined a few, okay four, knit-alongs.

1. Socktoberfest: over 1000 people have signed up. Huge. I've already outlined what my goals are for this.

2. Stocking-along: Two stockings. Bonus points for any ornaments or decorations. Double plus bonus points for knitting a Christmas Tree Hat for myself.

3. Fiber Flix: I reckon this will be the least stress. Knit whatever I'm knitting (socks, stockings, etc), watch a movie, discuss. Next month's selection will be noir.

4. Who wouldn't love a handknitted gift?: I've got 10 projects I want to knit for Christmas. Sound like a lot? Well, 9 of those things are Mason-Dixon washrags (to be gifted to three people in packets of three), so I'm not too intimidated/scared. My mom has requested gloves.

# # #

Some knitting links:

Branching Out, repeated three times across, turns the scarf into a stole.

Ene's Scarf and a nekkid woman.

This is why you knit stuff for kids. So... cute...

Be amazed by this Dragone Shawl.


Shelby said...

the buttons on that little girl's sweater...i must have some! The sweater itself is adorable...but those buttons are just killer...

nicole said...

Good luck with the knitalongs. I find that it is better for me to join the KAL AFTER I have finished the product. That is the only way I get stuff done.