[knitting] Stuff

I'm wireless, baby! I have to take baby steps: first comes internet, then comes wireless, then comes AI taking over the human race.

I took of picture of all the knitting I've done since the last time I posted a picture (minus all the Christmas knitting):

Clockwise from the top, it's a blue uber-bulky scarf I made for myself using leftover yarn from my stash; a brown fairisle hat (using the flower motif from Handknit Holidays); a couple of pantas; hat & mittens that I never sent to Ram; and everything is sitting on my finished Kiri shawl. I need to weave in ends, block, etc etc etc.


nicole said...

that fairisle hat looks crazy professional. nice job!

amy said...

The only problem is that the fair isle section is too tight! I need to find someone with a small head to give it to. This is also the reason why I'm too scared to start Boyfriend's Star-Wars fair isle hat...