[amy] Knitting and an early Valentine's Day

Heyo. This week has gone by fast. Happy Friday. The knitting blogmosphere is gearing up for the Knitting Olympics. I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal but a million people have signed up and it even made the news. What kind of idea is this, anyway? Make something challenging in 16 days? Are you knitters on crack? No? Well you will be by day 14. And speed. And caffeine.

I didn't sign up because I have too many unfinished objects I want to finish (yet I didn't join the UFOlympics) and I'm still burnt out from Christmas knitting. Seriously, people broke their fingers knitting gifts this year, why would they want to stress themselves out again? Maybe some people want/need the pressure. Not me. I don't want to cry over my knitting. I've read horror stories of mistakes made, ripping that had to be done, buckets and buckets of tears. No thank you.

So this weekend I want to make some slippers and maybe block my shawl. Knit something, anyway. I made 1.6 pantas while I was down in DC last week- I'd like to finish the 2nd one.

Valentine's Day is Tuesday but Dollar's going to see a concert that night. That's right, he made OTHER plans. I don't mind, but I like giving him the occasional hard time about it- "Oh that's right, you're not going to be around. I guess I'll cancel the clowns and see if I can't get my deposit back." Instead, we're going to make Sunday Valentine's Day and do something. But what...

AMY: So we should do something on Sunday.


AMY: I don't know.


AMY: Um...

DOLLAR: Hmm...

AMY: You want me to cook?

DOLLAR: Don't you want to go out? I feel like you cook all the time.

AMY: Hey, why don't YOU cook?


AMY: Not a good idea?

DOLLAR: Well, I'll... I guess... No, I can make something.

AMY: ...

DOLLAR: It's okay, I can make something.

AMY: It doesn't have to be anything complicated. Make whatever YOU feel comfortable cooking.

DOLLAR: ... I can make something.

AMY: O-kay. So we should do something else during the day.

DOLLAR: Like what?

AMY: Uh...


AMY: A movie?


AMY: Should we go see a movie?

DOLLAR: That's a good idea!

AMY: Okay, we'll see a movie, then go grocery shopping, then go back to my place and you can cook.

DOLLAR: That sounds good.

AMY: See, that wasn't so hard. Movie and dinner; it's a good plan. That must be why people do it all the time.


AMY: What movie should we see?


AMY: Let's just decide on Sunday.

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Mark Sasahara said...

Wow, you must really love this guy.

I'm still laughing.