[knitting] D&G Fall 2006 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Check it out. Time to start getting ideas for next Fall/Winter. I need to stock up on white / off-white / cream / ecru yarn, apparently.

I see lots of pom-poms, cables and bobbles. Some lace, too. Chunky knits. The hats are mostly big, floppy beret/newsboys.

I like the sweater on the left and the hat on the right. The hat rocks. I saw a knit and braided scarf in the most recent Patterworks catalog. Attach to a hat and voila.

The scarf on the left is fun (even though she looks like she's about to start crying). It almost looks crocheted. I wish there were detail shots of the leg warmers and bag on the right, but this is as close as I can get. I don't ever wear leg warmers but those are pretty.

This shrug is kind of weird, I just like the sleeves, which reminds me of namaste.

And now for detail shots...

Lots of knit flowers (with pom-poms and furry bits) were used as embelishments. Nice- those are easy to make. I also like how a chunky boring stockinette scarf can be subtly glammed up with crystals. The white yarn with clear crystals is very cool.

Some pantas on the runway (worn opposite to how most people are wearing them). That would be a fast, easy knit. And knit suspenders, anyone? I like these, I admit it. I like how flat the cable is. If I were going to wear suspenders, I'd wear these.

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Mark Sasahara said...

Too much yarny shit and for Christ's sake feed those skinny bitches a sangwich. Maybe then they'll smile.

They look vaguely angry.

I'm not aganst knits, it's just too many knitted items in each outfit. But I'm diggin' the knit Rapunzel hat.