[amy] Travel, not yarn, Magic

It's been a week since my last post. I was down in DC all last week for a conference. The talks were interesting and I had a good time. I meant to take pictures and see/do lots of touristy things, but the all-day meetings and talks wore me out. I spent my nights watching tv in my hotel room bed. I don't have network or cable tv at home, so I like watching it all (reruns, commercials, movie previews, etc).

I ended up buying some Chinese plastic raffia while I was down there. I remember a raffia project from my sister's Simple Crochet book and these balls were only 0.85 cents each. Who knows how many yards there are. Does this break my "No buying yarn in 2006" rule? I'm not sure. I say "no" purely because I've decided to keep them. I considered giving them to my sister and forcing her to give them back to me. In the end, I think "yarn" is the keyword. This is plastic. It's not... Look, it just doesn't count.

The weekend was spent with Dollar, playing Magic over and over and over again. I told him that Magic is going to destroy our relationship. I don't think he believes me but take this for example: We played about 8-10 games on Saturday, ALL of which I lost. That's okay, I don't mind losing. Sunday morning, I get up early and make a new white deck. Dollar gets up, we play, and I get my ass handed to me. I lost hardcore- no land, no creatures, nothing. I was slaughtered. What do I do? Cry. That's right- I started crying like a little girl. I tried to hold it in, but I was all hormonal and couldn't help it. So Dollar's like, "Hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I say, "Sorry? You're sorry? I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I want you to say that we never have to play Magic again and that we can take the cards out back and burn them!" Yes, Magic will destroy us.

I also watched Crash. I was really impressed with the movie, though I thought it was heavy-handed at times. I understand it's about racism, but there was a lot of "I'm not Mexican, I'm Puerto Rican!" "I'm not Arab, I'm Turkish!!" "Chinaman? Chinaman? I'm THAI!!!" I'm rolling my eyes, like, whatever. Let's just call everybody "people" and be done with it. But there were lots of unexpected events that I didn't see coming. It's nice being surprised by a movie.

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