[amy] A wedding, a hike and a pair of socks

Whatta weekend. Fer real. I was out Friday (due to an incident involving the cops Thursday night) and spent the day on car issues. Saturday I went to Dollar's sister's wedding. That was cool. I hung out at the wedding with a girl named Katie. I know Katie from various parties and she's Crazy. The wedding itself was at 11am and by noon, we were back at my place, making a pit stop before the reception. Let me tell you, noon is PRIME TIME drinking time. One drink and you're feeling tipsy. I don't know how I didn't know this before. Of course, then you're wasted by 4, passed out by 6 and hungover by 9.

The wedding was lovely. I got to dance to a slow song with Dollar (the first time we've danced together) and meet all his family. I mean, ALL his family. He kept saying, "That's my cousin. That's my uncle. Aunt. Cousin. Cousin. Uncle. Aunt. Grandmother. Cousin..." Too. Many. People. While Dollar and his brother were busy doing groomsman things, Katie and I were working on consuming enough of the weak drinks to get a buzz on. I could see Dollar watching me, thinking in his head about what a bad influence Katie is. He was basically waiting for Katie to climb up onto a table, start gyrating around and getting me to do the same.

Saturday night and Sunday were chill-out times. We watched 40-Year-Old Virgin and more episodes of Battlestar Galactica (Season 1). I've totally got him hooked on this show now. Monday was a holiday and we spent the day running errands and going for a walk up Gile Mt. It was c-c-cold and I wasn't dressed properly. Also, the trail was completely iced over. I think if we go up again any time soon, we're going to need crampons.

I was also able to get a lot of knitting done. I finished the blue mohair beaded shrug! I’m pretty stoked about that. And I picked up a pair of socks that I started ages ago. I’ve been working on the heel flaps and hope to finish them in a couple weeks. I want the needles back to try and make fair isle socks, which I hope will help me find a naturally loose fair isle tension.

All in all, the weekend was splendiferous.

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