[amy] Exercise: For the brain and for the body

The first week in March I’m participating in a Dance Dance Revolution Brain Scanning Experiment. I assume the PhD-ish cats at Dartmouth know what they’re doing. I’m gonna get my brain scanned on a Sunday (wheee!), play DDR for 30-45 minutes after work Monday through Friday, then get my brain scanned again on Saturday. Why am I doing this? For the greater good of science. Hahahah- no. I’ve never played DDR before (part of the requirement) and from what I hear it’s buckets of fun. And good exercise. Plus, there’s money and free t-shirt in it for me, so…

Speaking of exercise, I’m ready to start hiking again. I’ve not been skiing or anything this winter, so I’m ready for fresh air and sweat. I think Dollar and I are going to go up Gile Mt this coming Monday (it’s a three-day weekend) as an easy first hike. I told him that Saturdays from here on out are going to be hiking days, which means we’re going to have to get up and leave before 10 am. I said he can sleep in the car on the way to whatever hike we’re going to and he said that he’s going to hold me to that. I keep telling him how great it’s going to be: “Last summer, after I came down from Lafayette, I was hallucinating, man. Hallucinating. It was awesome.” He said that it was exhaustion after an aggressive five-hour non-stop hike that made everything look all swirly, but whatever. The point is: I was tripping out.

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