[amy] Re-arrangements

Well. Well. Well. How did the early Valentine's Day go? How was the movie and dinner? There was no movie. Nothing's playing right now that we wanted to see anyway. The dinner also didn't go according to plan. We re-arranged the deal on who was going to make dinner after Dollar said "Uh..." when I asked him what he was going to cook. In the end, he said he'd make raspberry turnovers and I said I'd make pesto pizza. At the grocery store, I grabbed some pizza dough and asked Dollar if he needed phyllo dough. He stared at me blankly and asked, "What's that?" I demanded to know how he was going to make the raspberry turnovers and he scurried off. He came back with a box of frozen Pepperidge Farm Raspberry Turnovers. I looked from the box to him back to the box to him. He was smiling so weakly and helplessly that I had to deactivate my mega-bitch mode. He enthused that he grew up eating these turnovers and that they're "sooooo good!" Fine. Fine. But now I've made it my personal mission to teach this joker how to cook something. And that something is going to be raspberry turnovers.

We also re-arranged the furniture in my living room. Couches got moved and speakers finally got hung up. Then we watched Deadlist Catch. Note to self: Never eat king crab legs again (too many men die every year trying to get them).

On Saturday night I went to see Lyrics Born at Dartmouth. The show was off the hook. I liked Rousseau, J-Live and Lyrics Born (of course). What surprised me the most was Mike Relm. He was LB's DJ for the evening but performed his own set- which was amazing! Multi-media live mash-ups! This guy can scratch and he had video playing all the while. I was very, very, very impressed and totally forgot to get a cd before I left.

Which reminds me, as I was leaving, a couple cops were standing around the hallway and asked me to start their car for them (to warm it up) since I was clearly on my way out. I asked, "What- Your police car?" They said yeah. I said, "If I start your car, I'm going to take it for a spin around the Green." The assured me that I wouldn't. I said, "Whatever," and left. Those crazy, lazy cops.

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Mark Sasahara said...

That was really f-ing funny. I had a good laugh. I can just picture the two of you in the store.