[voting] Doesn't seem to do any good.

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. After seeing the outcome of the election, I killed myself. But I'm back now, better than ever. Actually, not "better". More like "depressed" and "disappointed" and "mildly angry at the retarded people in the mid-west who can't get their shit together and see that we had one chance to get the bozo out of office and they blew it for all of us; i.e. prepare for a civil war." Yeah that's pretty much how I feel.

On a lighter note, a whole bunch of states voted to ban gay marriage. I mean, is this country great or what? More good new: the republicans now control the House AND Senate. AND, in case you missed it, THERE'S ONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE and he's probably going to have the opportunity to appoint TWO Supreme Court Justices. Hold on a sec while I go kill myself again...

All finished. What bothers me isn't so much that monkey-boy is still the prez, it's his administration that's the problem. Now we can all say bye-bye to any international allies that might have remained, the environment, peace, honesty, etc etc.

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