[books] NBA Winners Announced

Here are the winners of the National Book Award, announced last night. I don't recognize any of the titles. At the time of posting, there are only two reviews of Lily Tuck's The News from Paraguay; one calling it a "powerful historical novel" and the other calling it a "compelling historical novel."

As for the youth lit category winner, Godless by Pete Hautman, here's what one review says (I have to copy the whole thing because it's so unbelievable):

"Jason is a smart 15-year-old, an agnostic-leaning-toward-atheism, who resists following in the footsteps of his devoutly Catholic father. Getting clocked under the water tower by the nasty and unpredictable Henry leads Jason and his friend Shin to combine their talents to posit a new religion. "Chutengodianism" sanctifies water, the source of all life, as manifested by the Ten-Legged God, aka that same million-gallon water tower. Creating the creed on the fly, Jason soon gathers a handful of acolytes, including his former nemesis. Their midnight pilgrimage to the top of the tower for worship transmutes into an impromptu baptism when Henry hacksaws through the padlock. Their swim rouses sexy thoughts about Magda, stripped to her panties and bra, balanced soon after by panic when it seems they might be trapped. Regaining the top of the tank, Henry slips and sustains severe injuries crashing onto a catwalk below. Fortunately for him, the authorities have already arrived. The Church is busted and the faithful face new trials and temptations."

Can you please tell me everything that happens in the story? Please? I have to admit, it does sound intriguing, non? And apparently Hautman's other book, Sweetblood, is about "a vampire-obsessed 16-year-old diabetic's steep slide downward as she is intellectually seduced by a middle-aged cybervamp via the Internet." Dude! This guy's books sound crazy!

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