[books] It's Just a Plant

Ha ha haha haa. Read this, click on the picture to move the story along...

"What's that, Mommy?" asked Jackie. "Are you and Daddy smoking a cigarette?"

"Kind of," said her Mother. "This is called a 'joint.' Also known as a 'spliff,' 'doobie' or 'jimmy.' It's made of marijuana."

"Mar-a-whah?" asked Jackie, who turned to her father only to see him trying not to laugh. "What's that?"

"Marijuana," said her Mom, "It's like a... it's like a plant, man. Just a fucking plant. Gateway drug my ass..."

"What kind of plant?"

Jackie's Father whispered something into her Mother's ear and then crawled under the bed.

"Listen," her Mother said, ushering her toward the bedroom door, "That's like way too deep to get into right now and your father's wicked high. He's kind of freaking out right now. Why don't you skip school tomorrow, we'll smoke a couple fat ones and I'll tell you all about everything."

"Okay," said Jackie.

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