[books] Shitty Book Comprehensive #4

TARGET: Hip Knits! : 65 Easy Designs from Hot Designers

BY: Better Homes and Gardens

PREMISE: * Well-known designers, such as Lily Chin, put their personal spin on today's knitted fashions and accessories. * Easy projects that yield designer results, even for beginners. * "How to knit" primer includes special secrets that bring success even for beginners. * All projects include patterns, step-by-step instructions, and supplies lists.


"simply ugly sack sweaters" - Megan Henry

"the patterns are ugly" - Brittany

"anything but 'hip.'" - Heidi M.

"I would not call most of them 'hip'" - Peony

"I guess I should have known, as it was compiled by Better Homes and Gardens, which has a very staid idea of hip, it seems." - Pippi

SCORE: Zero skeins on yarn. This is actually the worst reviews for a knitting book I've seen at Amazon.

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