[thanksgiving] The Aftermath

Thanksgiving: the one time of year when excess is expected. This year we all brought a side dish or two, to help ease the workload on my mother. I brought brussels sprouts (which, in hindsight, wasn’t such a good idea since it smells like feet and after you’ve had a shitload to eat, the stench is suddenly vomit inducing) and roasted carrots & parsnips. Also, my Korean relatives came down from Burlington and they brought a friend (exchange student from Korea), so there were 10 of us total.

Here’s everything we had on the table at my mother’s place on Thursday:

Mashed potatoes
Mashed butternut squash
Stuffing (regular)
Stuffing (cornbread)
Brussels Sprouts
Roasted carrots & parsnips
Korean sushi rolls
Jap Chae
Pumpkin pie

The best part was watching the exchange student’s eyes bug out when my mother hefted the turkey out of the oven. It was like a 20lb mascot of gluttony. But I think my mother likes this holiday because it represents prosperity and after her stories about her brother back in Korea shooting small birds out of trees with a slingshot, roasting it over a fire and only giving her a stupid little wing from one, she probably likes getting a huge bird and sharing it with everyone.

Friday, I did some Christmas shopping online. Route 12A, where all the stores are, is going to be backed up until February and I refuse to wait in lines in traffic and/or in lines in stores. I’m not going anywhere near 12A until all the Christmas and post-Christmas shopping has cleared out. Later in the day, my sister and I went up to Northeast Fiber Arts where I dropped too much money. It was all for supplies to make Christmas presents but it still hurts.

The rest of the weekend was a pleasurable (yet mildly lonely) experience consisting mainly of knitting, cleaning and reading comic books, all with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on repeat in my DVD player.

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