[misc] Thing to keep you occupied…

…while I go off and play HALO 2!!! Goddamn!! It’s finally the day; THE day! Microsoft is already calling $100 million for today’s sales alone. Oh yeah. This shit is going to rock my world. I’ve been anticipating this game for a year now and… and… I’m sorry. Give me a moment, I’m crying… Go to Bungie to learn more.

Candleblog posts a link to make a Lego version of yourself. It really is Halo 2 how close your Lego image resembles the real you.

This past Friday night (while I was playing Halo, but never again because it’s all Halo 2 all the time from now on), Tara Reid showed off newly implanted boobie but wasn’t even aware of it (yet she wonders why people think she’s a "retard"; see video). Not to be outdone, Paris Hilton shows off… something lower. As Not Safe For Work and nauseating as these images are, this is one of the reason’s I’d like to attend a P. Diddy bash- you never know what’s going to Halo 2!

In less slutterrific and more Vermonterrific news, Fark posts a "sappy" link. Lease a maple tree for $85.00? Pssht, I gots all kinds of Halo 2 around my house, thank you very much.

If you’re a guy, you might want to check out the Cooking to Hook Up quiz. If you’re a guy wanting to cook for me, I’m a combo of Gourmet Girl and Indie Girl. If you’re a guy wanting to cook for me and then suggest we play some Halo 2 and kill each other, I think I love you.

Other than that, I’ve nothing new to report. Today was a good mail day. I got my new Netflix, Gourmet and Amazon order containing many cool things. Of course, I’m not going to watch or read any of it because I'll be finishing up the scarf I've been knitting for a while now. ... Hrruh. ... Huhh.. Ha ha… AHHH HAHAHHAHAHA!!! Not. I’m going to be playing Halo 2.

Smell you jerks later.


Anonymous said...

I actually have a book question today. And it is... have you ever checked out the Ursla LeGuinn series that she did after the Earthsea stuff. I remember seeing once a book in a real out of the way store by her that was supposed to be kicking off a new series set on different planets I think, where there was basically a power struggle between theocratic zealots and technocratic technocrats, and maybe a third group. I wasn't all that crazy about the first Earthsea book (I mean just get off the fucking boat and fight him already!), so I didn't stick with the series, but the new series looked cool if it was any good. Let me know.
Do it NOW!
If you buy me an XBox and Halo2, I'll play it online with you and proceed to fight as people always were meant to - in fake video fashion over the phone. Other than that, you could try getting the evil demon known as Bill Gates to license the thing over to PS2 and then I could play - like that will ever happen. I tell you, I never hated that bastard more than when he nixed the first one off of the PC Platform. I waited 2 years for that, and that f'ing SOB blew it in a 30 sec. announcement. That's that mess we call capitalism for you.
Sully - Duh, who else rants like that?

amy said...

Earthsea is classic. I have the first book in the series and I think I tried it out one day last year, but couldn't get into it. I'll go back to it sometime.

As for Halo/Halo 2 coming out to Playstation... Ha ha ha, not gonna happen. Or it probably won't. I don't know, it might happen someday. The game is awesome, though. The best thing is that you don't have to be just red or blue as a team anymore. So since we were playing with nine people, we were able to have three teams! Awesome! And now you can jump on moving vehicles and throw the driver out, etc. This game rocks.