News from the Upper Valley

Finally, proof that the Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey combo drives people insane. Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Give me some percocet!


Conversation I had with my sister while we were driving out to the stores:

AMY: Did you read The Valley News today?


A: There was a pretty weird article-

B: About the Canadian Prime Minister seeing a UFO?

A: What? No, there was... The Canadian Prime Minister saw a UFO?

B: Yeah. An Unidentified Flying Object. He was on a plane and saw it out the window.

A: But... I mean, it wasn't like an alien UFO, was it?

B: I don't know. He apparently saw something bright falling through the sky. Other people on the plane saw it, too.

A: It was probably a meteorite or something.

B: I don't know. He said he's never seen anything like it.

A: ... Huh...

B: What were you going to say about The Valley News?

A: Oh, there was this article about a high speed chase from Enfield to Hanover. This guy was demanding percocet from a pharmacy. They wouldn't give it to him and he drove away. A cop tried to pull him over but he sped up and ended up crashing into two cars up by the hospital.

B: [tsking] Idiot.

A: Yeah, but here's the thing: The Valley News apparently deemed it news-worthy to report that on the drivers seat of the guy's Explorer was a copy of the movie Dirty Dancing.

B: What?

A: Yeah. I mean, I don't know why it's in the article. I think it's a clue or something.

B: Dirty Dancing?

A: Yeah. Can you believe it?

B: ...

A: ...

B: That's so weird.

Later at home, after Amy buys to paper to clip the article and send to Patrick Swayze...

A: Oh crap.

B: What?

A: It says here that it was a "compact disk" from the movie... Does that mean the soundtrack?

B: Probably.

A: I thought it was the DVD. Huh. Maybe it was Patrick Swayze's singing that drove the man to painkillers?

B: Maybe.

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