If the message is positive, don't be negative

Jessa puts up a post about Revolve, a magazine-looking bible for girls (and, interestingly enough, the #1 selling Bible of 2003). It looks kind-of hokey to me but if teen girls are reading it, being good and doing nice things, I think that's what counts.

Here, someone reviews this Bible and basically calls it rubbish, even going so far as to say mean things about the "TOPTen Random ways to make a difference in your community," which are:

1. Plant a tree
2. Pick up someone else’s litter
3. Smile freely
4. Drop a dollar in charity boxes.
5. Offer to baby-sit your neighbors’ kids for free.
6. Clip the plastic rings on soda six-packs.
7. Use washable containers instead of plastic wrap for your lunch.
8. Recycle cans and bottles.
9. Donate your old clothes to needy families.
10. Do yard work for the elderly or sick.
(Revolve, p. 109)

Apparently, there isn't anything "spiritual or Biblical in the whole list." Whatever. As long as girls are donating clothes, recycling and planting trees, that's good enough for me. If you think about it, they could doing all kinds of drugs, stealing, etc. (Jeeze, some people have to bitch about everything.)

I think I'm just feeling this way because I saw Thirteen last night. Makes me never want to have kids.

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