[spinning] Tideline in progress

I have a couple bobbins ready to ply this weekend:

Hello Yarn Tideline


It's been a week. We're down to a one-car household. I'm saying goodbye to the old '02 CR-V today. It was a great car the entire time we've had it but the amount of work that it needs is waaaaaaay more than it's worth, so... sniff... so long, old buddy. We'll get a new car in a couple years- I want to ride out the '08 CR-V until it kicks the bucket as well. In the meantime, we're going to see about getting a dormant truck we have up and running. That will definitely be cheaper than getting a new car, right? I hope? *gulp*

Lots of crafty plans for the long weekend- plying the yarn above, starting some new spinning, playing with my new table loom to make some coasters or phone rugs, pictures of the seashore shawl... I finished the tweed Granny's Favourite last night and started another right away in different yarn. Football was on- I needed something mindless and the pattern is fresh in my mind. But I think I am all Grannied out- I need a new toddler sweater pattern to make half a dozen times.


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